Hi and thank you for taking an interest in joining Simjunkies. Joining us means more than just being a part of the forum. We are many people in here that have been friends online and in real life for many years, and just for that we would like you to tell us a little more about yourself so we can try to get to know you more. It is easier for us to get to know you better via TeamSpeak and on the track. And during your applicant period, we hope that you try to participate as much as possible to the events set up by us. As well as posting in the forum of course.

The applicant period lasts for 4 weeks followed by a vote by all other [SJ] members. After the vote you will have notice from the admins about the call of the vote. It will be either No, Yes or extended. The extension will last for another 4 weeks and if you still want to join us you now have the chance of showing it. If you get voted in, you will get your tags, [SJ] in front of your name and you will have to use them then as part of your login name.

Please take your time to read our GUIDELINES and the please copy the below text and paste it into a PM to HERE with the information about yourself filled in. The admin will get back at you as soon as possible.

Regards [SJ]Cato Larsen
Admin of Simjunkies.org


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About Me: *fill in some lines about yourself*

Games Played
rFactor 2:

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Other Games: *any other games you enjoy playing*

I would like to join Simjunkies because: *This is the important one though. Please tell us why*