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Simjunkies organises endurance races with a minimum length of 6 hours for historic as well as modern vehicles.

Since we put great value in the joy of sim-racing, we find it terrible if a loss of connection or computer problem ruins your race. Therefore we run our endurance races in a practice session, so you can rejoin the action as soon as the problem has been solved. Hold on; a race in a practice session? We keep score using a live timing solution, courtesy of L2R, which records the distance each car has travelled. The laptimes, gaps and number of pitstops a car has done during the race are all be visible on the timing screen. When you rejoin the server the program will pick up right where you left off. We don’t run at just any track either. Recent races include 12 Hours at the Nordschleife and Sachsenring 67.

Interested? Find out what we are running next under ‘Upcoming Events’. The endurance events are open to teams from other sim-racing communities. If you are only joining for the endurance events send a PM to one of the admins via the forum and they will set you up with the proper access. For fullSJ membership fill out the application form on the forum.


Format & Rules

Below follows a brief explanation of the format and rules that apply to the endurance events. For more detailed information read the announcement of the current event on the Simjunkies Forum. There are usually a few months between the endurance races allowing plenty of time for teams to confirm their entry. A practice server should be up and running in this time as well. Qualifying is held the day before the race, unless specified otherwise, in two separate sessions to accommodate both European and American participants. Only 1 driver per entry is allowed on the server at a time, however driver swaps are possible. The race is run in a single practice session. 30 minutes before the start the server will be rolled to the right session and the track remains closed until the start procedure takes place. During the official race and qualifying sessions in-game text chat is not allowed. The race admins will provide information through text chat when necessary, however the main form of communication is through Teamspeak.


Teams & Drivers

  • A maximum of 36 entries
  • Minimum 2 and maximum 4 drivers per entry
  • Driver swaps
  • A team can have multiple entries, for example: Team Vaillante runs a Porsche 911 RS2.8 with 2 drivers and a BMW CSL 3.5 with 3 drivers


12HNordschleife      12HSachsenring67      12HParisPoster



  • 2 wheels on track at all times, regardless of how the track is used in real life. The track is defined by the white lines on either side of the tarmac. Kerbstones are not considered a part of the track.
  • Persistent cutting will be penalised
  • No driving aids allowed, except for auto clutch


Accident or Mechanic failure :

  • Pressing ESC after a crash or a mechanic failure is your own choice
  • Press ESC immediately after your crash or stop your car in a safe place that does not interfere with the race
  • Depending on the severity of the accident, the race direction could neutralize the race with Red or Yellow flags.
  • Inform the race direction via TeamSpeak
  • Pressing “ESC” without informing the race direction will be sanctioned with a stronger penalty
  • You can resume the race immediately, the penalty will be applied through the timing software
  • The number of allowed ESC uses and the applied penalties are defined separately for each event


Driver/Team Disconnection:

  • A member of the concerned team must contact the race direction via TeamSpeak
  • Once reconnected to the server, you can resume the race immediately.


In Case of Server crash:

  • Race placed under Red Flag procedure
  • Drivers to rejoin the server
  • Brief TeamSpeak Check
  • Yellow Flag + PaceCar restart procedure
  • Restarting the race with due remaining race time
  • Gaps in between cars limited to number of laps


Red Flag:

  • The race is suspended … but not over
  • Every car still on track has to rejoin their garage
  • Disconnected teams have to rejoin the server and stay in their pitboxes
  • Teams must wait for instructions via TS and Chat
  • PaceCar parked at the end of the pitlane, waiting for instructions.
  • Procedure followed by Yellow Flag and PaceCar restart procedures (read below)


Yellow Flag & PaceCar restart:

  • Cars on track
  • Safety Car will wait for the leading car at the end of the pitlane
  • Once positions sorted, Safety Car will drive around the track at a designated speed
  • Safety Car will stay on track as long as needed.
  • Safety Car will enter the pits
  • Leading car will keep to the designated pace
  • Rolling start will take place at the start line
  • Green flag will be given through text chat