Here at Simjunkies we are trying to hold a mature and gentle tone in the way we speak and the way we approach each other. We are an open minded group that try to hold as little restriction on people as possible. However, there are a few things we will keep out of our forums and out of our Teamspeak channels. These things will not be tolerated and users will find themselves under administration should you see fit to break these simple guidelines.

-We do not post or discuss politics or religion in our forums. We are people from all over the world that do not always share the same views.
Keep your thoughts to yourself and you will expect the same from others.
-Personal attacks, racism,  foul language and otherwise rude behaviour will not be tolerated at all.
-Linking to copyrighted material with the intend of pirating or illegal copying in any way is not allowed.
The use of No-cd/dvd images or .exe files will not be present in our forums or servers.

Outbreaks of foul language and mature humour will come out the end of your speakers, either be sure to have a headset on or avoid you underage kids to listen to the conversations. Parental guidance is advised. Rated R as under Motion Picture Association of America film rating system

Should you find any comments or behaviour unpleasant, you should report it to any member of staff here at Simjunkies.

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